24 May 2024
FAP Hot Off-line Laminator: The Choice of the Majority

At FAP, we understand that the extrusion of gas-filled polymers is a critical process requiring precision and the right equipment. However, the lamination of physically foamed materials is equally important. This process involves bonding foamed polymers either to themselves (to increase thickness) or to other materials like reflective foil, PET, and HDPE, enhancing the final […]

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3 May 2024
What does influence the degassing process of physically foamed polyethylene and polypropylene...

...and winding type plays an important role. The process of gas substitution with air in closed cell foam with liquefied hydrocarbon gases (degassing process) is one of the most important processes, which is at the same time a "bottleneck" in the foam polymers productions. The degassing time of the foamed polymer directly affects both the […]

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2 May 2024
Borealis & FAP are minimizing the environmental impact of foam applications

The production of foamed polymers to a completely different level FAP is a dynamic second-generation family-run company with over 37 years of international experience in the design and construction of foam machinery and R&D activity to create for our customers something truly valuable and capable of raising the production of foamed polymers to a completely different […]

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11 April 2024
Increasing the efficiency of production processes and reducing production costs with FAP foam technology

How much does it cost to produce an item? To find it out, we have to consider: administrative costs; production costs; warehouse costs. In this article, we will consider production costs, specifically those costs necessary to produce final products from expanded polyethylene (EPE) and polypropylene (EPP) foam. The relevant factors to consider are: 1. Raw […]

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22 March 2024
Business Case: technological and technical assistance on polyethylene (EPE) and polypropylene (EPP) foam production

One of our clients from the Central Asian region approached us with a request to provide technological and technical assistance in the implementation of a one project. Due to the annual increase in logistics costs, the company was no longer able to purchase high-quality foil and metallized BOPP film from the European Union. Since the […]

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14 March 2024
Reduce the "bottlenecks"! But what are they?

In a manufacturing company's production process, a "bottleneck" is a limitation that lengthens production time and delays deliveries to customers. It can significantly increase operating costs and decrease profits. It can be identified at any stage of the process: from planning to product production, storage and shipping. Why is it necessary to reduce (or eliminate) […]

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8 March 2024
🌸 Happy International Women's Day 🌸

To all the remarkable women in our lives 🌸 Today, we celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and achievements of women everywhere. On this special day, we also extend our heartfelt wishes to the amazing community of Women In Plastics (WiP). Together, we are breaking stereotypes, fostering diversity, and creating a more sustainable and inclusive world […]

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1 March 2024
The importance of Quality Control even in the production of 100% recyclable materials such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene Foam.

Quality Control & Foam Production or How product quality control affects the reduction of costs for rework and defects in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene foam. The amount of “saved” profit of the company directly depends on an effectively built quality control system and technological processes in the production of foamed polyethylene and polypropylene. […]

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29 February 2024
Collaboration Announcement Extrusion Consulting

We are excited to announce the beginning of a collaboration between FAP and Extrusion Consulting 🤝 This partnership marks a significant moment in our global expansion strategy and is a key step toward strengthening our presence in the U.S. market. Combining the technical skills and experience of both companies will enable us to offer even […]

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19 February 2024
Beyond Manufacturing - The new FAP Adv campaign is out now

The message is the essence of the distinctive value recognized by the customers who have chosen us. We don't just provide the best plant that meets specific foam production requirements, but we stay by your side, providing Know-How and Constant Support, to ensure its best efficiency. OUR TEAM IS ABLE TO:- identify and solve bottlenecks in production, increasing speed and productivity;- […]

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