Automatic Cutter FlexCut16 for production of sheets & formats with Air bubble film & Foam

Spanish VELA technology and machinery is part of FAP since 2023.

The FlexCut16 (ex CP1600) has been designed for the production of air bubble and foam formats starting from reels. It is equipped with a stacking system that does not damage the material.

The machine produces a regular cut with great precision in the size of the format.

Its versatility allows it to perform a great variety of functions, with the possibility of working with different sizes, thicknesses and materials, both in air bubble film and PE foam.

The main advantages of this new Cutter Vela by FAP are:

- Set of 10 Longitudinal Cutting Blades with adjustable position;
6-Shaft Reel Holder;
- Fully Automatic format production process;
Needle-Free material collection system (no holes on material);
Intuitive Operation;
- Fully Customizable Cut Format;
Different Material support
High Precision Cuts;
- Ionizing System;
Construction with components of renowned brands, both mechanically and electrically.

MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS / Air bubble film & Foam: thicknesses from 0,8 to 15 mm.

The type of material and its characteristics (laminated or not, thickness, rigidity and density) determine whether the material can be correctly cut and stacked. In the same way, the material type, thickness, rigidity and density determine the number minimum and maximum of rolls at input, so the number of sheets that can be cut at same time.

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