Cutting & Welding machine

FAP cutters and welders are the ideal solution to process of small and large batches of light plastic material; the machines’ versatility makes them ideal for packaging and construction industries.

SLA16W / SLP16W 

This equipment combines cutting and welding, transforming the packaging material (air bubble, foam, laminated, etc.) into bags with formats of different sizes. The control and monitoring systems of these machines ensure highest productivity, versatility, and quality of the final product. 

The production capacity of the cutting & welding machine varies depending on the following factors: length of a single format, elasticity of the material, number of layers of film to be cut, type of material, reel change time and packaging of the finished product.


Cutting (sheet) / Welding (bag)

Base material

PE foam, Air bubble film

Material width

da 1250 a 1950 mm

Mechanical speed

100 m/min

TG 17 / TG 20

An independent Automatic Cutter / Slitter is suitable for extremely precise longitudinal and transverse cutting of high thicknesses for PE & PP foam materials from planks or rolls. The machine can be personalized according to the client's request.
Formats and plank of different sizes are widely used in technical packaging and construction industries for house/building insulation.



Foam thickness

from 3 to 120 mm

Material width

from 1600 to 2000 mm

Mechanical speed

25 m/min

TGA 150 / TGA 150+MAG

The machine is designed for cutting a long PE foam pipe profile of various diameters to obtain three-dimensional “Corner” profiles. The cut is automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the tube and the desired length.

Special additional group with loader allows to create a stock of profiles ready for cutting.
The movement of the loader is automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the tube (pipe profile), which can be easily set from the control panel.
The cutter can be ordered with or without the loader and customized on request.

This type of profile can be used in any manufacturing industry where it is necessary to protect the corner surface from impacts, squeezing, scratches and any other accidental damage during transportation and storage.

Diameters of PE tube

da 40 a 150 mm


Full tube of PE foam


1800 pieces/hour

Max. lenght of cut

100 mm

PDC 17 / PDC 20

The pre-cutting machine is complete and automatic system, is used to create the tear line on light and laminated foam materials (polyethylene foam, air bubble film or laminated film). This unit can be integrated with longitunial cutting system to cut the roll in stripes.

Film width

from 1650 to 2050 mm

Format dimensions

From 150 to 9000 mm

Mechanical speed

80 m/min

Max, external diameter

1200 mm

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