Our Italian company is at the forefront of manufacturing extrusion machinery for PE & PP expanded film (foam), from conception to creation. We stand out with an innovative project that embraces environmental sustainability. Our commitment goes beyond compliance; we aim for excellence in industrial ecology. Every step of our production process is designed to reduce environmental impact.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we are redefining the future of the industry, demonstrating that it's possible to combine high quality with environmental responsibility. We take pride in contributing to a greener world where sustainability is not just a demand but a reality.

With this project we present an absolutely new way to support foam producers in challenging innovative production targets sharing knowledge and innovation with the investors.

Finally FAP's long and rich international experience is at the complete disposal of the entire "Foam World".

Together with our customers, raw material producers and research centers, we create, test, approve new solutions capable of anticipating the ever-changing foam market demand or even changing the competitive scenario. Italian Foam Centre has an innovative foam twin-screw counter-rotating complete extrusion line with a production capacity of 40 Kg/h.

Little scale foam extruder is a perfect copy of FAP extruders of industrial scale with “direct gazing” technology and high performance characteristics. The foam extrusion line has nr.3 (three) extrusion dies (heads): round, flat, tube/pipe.

We dedicate ourselves daily to the development of innovative technologies and to the study of new fields of application of expanded films. Researchers, producers of raw materials, producers of foam materials and start-up businesses are welcome to discover the benefits of FAP technology:

  • Testing of basic raw materials, dye concentrates, expansion agents, sliding additives, reinforcing fillers, etc.;
  • Selection the recipe for the production of new products from foamed polyethylene and polypropylene;
  • Calculation of complex dies profile, sealing systems, window thermal inserts, with checking the formation of a figure on lab extruder.

Increasing the productivity and efficiency of polyethylene (PE) foam and polypropylene (PP) foam production:

Continuous development of technical know-how of FAP production lines to increase productivity, automate production processes and process control.

Conducting technological and technical audits of foam manufacturers, standardizing production processes for efficient operation and long-term development opportunities.

Standardization of quality control processes, work to minimize the risk of defects by developing quality control regulations and technological documentation in order to reduce losses associated with defects and process waste.

Assisting producers of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) foam in developing new markets:

Calculations of the necessary physical and mechanical characteristics of a new type of product, calculation of the cost and profitability of production.

Design of equipment, testing and production of batches of a new type of product made of foamed polyethylene and polypropylene in our production laboratory.

Training and increasing knowledge in the field of foamed polymers:

Theoretical training of engineers and technologists in the technology of extrusion, lamination and converting of polyethylene and polypropylene. 

Practical training, both in IFC’s own laboratory and at the customer’s production site.

Online trainings in the form of presentations and video trainings.

Italian foam centre
Training and increasing knowledge in the field of foamed polymers
polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) foam in developing new markets
italian foam centre to test new polymers

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