Laminating lines (foam & bubble air film)

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FAP can offer highly efficient inline and offline hot laminators for material welding by two systems, which can either be combined or work separately:
HOT AIR (air blade) & HOT ROLL (Roll to Roll system). Both systems guarantee perfect adhesion of the laminated layers.

The hot roll system is ideal for in-line foam lamination with HDPE film, while the hot air system is best for off-line lamination. The combined off-line laminator offers both laminating solutions, making the machine extremely versatile.

FAP designs, manufactures and sells a range of laminators, suited to laminate foam and air bubble film with various materials: LDPE, HDPE, PP, metallized film, paper, aluminum, aluminum + LDPE. Laminated materials are widely used in construction and packaging industries due to their thermal and acoustic insulation properties and to their excellent mechanical strength. 

ACC 17/22/27 - In-line Foam Hot Roll Laminating Machinery

Inline Foam Laminator unit can be integrated into a complete foam extrusion line, also at a later stage. 
This laminator is placed directly after the foam extruder to provide HDPE film lamination on foam material at high line speed.

Possible applications
The all-round applications make foam a popular choice in e-commerce. Lamianated with film foam packaging protects from mechanical damage, moisture and soil. Foam has proven to be an excellent solution when covering fragile and brittle products or any goods that may be subject to scratches and breakage. Subsequently, the material can be transformed into bags and sheets.

Base material

PE/PP foam

Overlay material

LDPE & HDPE film

Lamination system

Hot roll

Width material

From 1650 to 2650 mm

Mechanical speed

150 m/min

FLP 17 Off-line Multilayer Laminator for high thickness foam production of formats & planks

This Hot Air Multilayer Laminating Machine is designed for simultaneous lamination of multiple layers of Thick Foam of various densities for high format/plank production. As a result, laminated PE foam planks are strong, resilient and elastic. 

The composition of the machine can be selected based on the needs of the Client. The number of Unwinders for reels at the entrance, Hot Air Laminating Heads can be different. Foam cutter at the end of the line is included in this structure.

Possible applications:
In technical packaging: its shock and vibration damping properties guarantee the perfect solution for a variety of industrial products. The layered materials can be subsequently transformed into various customized shapes for packaging purposes (e.g. cardboard or wooden box inserts or dividers and other special uses).
In the construction industry: foam boards with layers of different densities have proved their worth as an excellent heat, sound and hydro insulating product (internal walls, foundation and roofing of residential and industrial buildings, etc). 

Base material

From 2 to 6 layers of foam

Width material

1600 mm

Max Thicknesses panel

120 mm

Mechanical speed

25 m/min

Lamination system

Hot air

ACLA 17S/22S + ACCUM Off-line combined Laminating line with combined HOT BLADE & HOT ROLL systems (foam & bubble air film)

An independent machine uniformly laminates foam of various thicknesses and densities with different types of materials on one side. The machine can be upgraded by integrating some special equipment for NON-STOP PRODUCTION. 

Such equipment consists of: a foam accumulator (up to 40m) and a joint system to ensure the continuous laminating process.

Possible applications:
As a versatile insulation material for various applications in the construction industry: heavy-duty floor mat for excellent sound insulation and vapor barrier / universal sound and heat insulating material with a reflective effect (PE foam laminated with a metallized lavsan film) / vibration-insulating material with a waterproofing layer (PP foam laminated with waterproof polymer film).

FOAM / BUBBLE AIR FILM + HDPE, LDPE, HDPE, metallized film, paper + HDPE, aluminium film, aluminium film + LDPE, metallized lavsan film, waterproof polymer film

Lamination system

Hot roll / Hot air

Width material

from 1250 to 2050 mm

Mechanical speed

80 m/min

Base material

PE/PP/PS foam, air bubble film

Overlay material

LDPE, HDPE, PP, aluminized LDPP, paper + LDPE, aluminium + LDPE ecc

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