The foam materials produced are used extensively in various markets, such as construction and packaging, light industry, automotive, food or in special projects.

The foam material produced is very versatile and totally recyclable. With advanced FAP’s technology PCR (post-consumer recycled) granules can newly be put in the productive cycle up to 100% thus helping to create a circular economy in foam production.

The main properties of non cross-linked foam materials

  • Environmentally friendly product does not contain adhesives, does not emit toxins, odourless, dust-free, CFC-free, Low VOC
  • Resistant to aggressive environments, to mould, moisture, oils, gasoline
  • Chemically inert
  • Durable and chemical resistant
  • Air- and watertight
  • Resistant to pressing and tearing
  • Anti-scratch and shock resistant
  • Elastic and strong


Our machines are designed to produce and process polyethylene (EPE) and polypropylene foam (EPP).

These materials are ideal insulators, using in the construction industry thanks to high technical requirements as inside/outside excellent heat/sound/thermal insulation and indoor waterproofing.



We design complete production lines that produce foam material of various thicknesses and densities.

Non cross-linked foam is a widely used paсking material appreciated by representatives of numerous industries. 

Light Foam Material in variuos forms (bags, formats, planks) is a perfect solution, used extensively in the protective and shock absorbing packaging industry for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning.



With our extrusion lines it is possible to produce very high-density polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) foam for the automotive sector.

Some types of material can be thermoformed, used inside the vehicles or as protective packaging during their transportation.


Special projects

Thanks to our Italian Foam Centre, we support companies to find innovative solutions in the production of expanded films (foams). 

With this project we present an absolutely new way to support foam producers in challenging innovative production targets. Finally FAP's long and rich international experience is at the complete disposal of the entire "Foam World". 

Transform your production system now

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