Recyclable PP foam production with blowing agent 100% CO2

19 December 2022

Safe solution to protect the environment

We are aware about the coming restrictions on PS foam packaging trays and containers widespread in the food industry, and today we are proud to offer our high technological solution for companies which facing with this problem.

According to the numerous requests, ITALIAN FOAM CENTRE have found and approve the safe solution to offer to companies which have to switch over to EPP production or want to start a new one.

Twin-screw Extrusion Lines for high-density PP foam production

Twin/screw extrusion lines for production of recyclable PP foam

We are proud to share that in our foam centre has been produced excellent samples of PP foam (density 120 kg/m3 , thickness 1mm) totally recyclable and perfect to be thermoformed in food trays or used for other applications in any industrial field. The safe production of polypropylene foam (EPP) samples was carried out using natural CO2 gas, which is directly injected into the extruder during the extrusion process by special systems.

We are continuing to improve, develop and carry out different tests also by requests from our clients.

Stay tuned to find out more!
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