Interview with Fabrizio Poli

20 January 2021

Who is Fabrizio Poli?

fabrizio poli

I started working in the family business more than 20 years ago, I started from the apprenticeship starting from the working in the workshop, assembling the machines and eventually carrying out the acceptance testing at the customers' sites.

During these years I was engaged in: development strategy, purchases, investments, personnel management. I have always collaborated with professionals from various sectors who have enriched my wealth of skills.

Today I hold the role of CEO of FAP.

What do you tell us about FAP?

My father Luigi Poli was a real pioneer in Italy when, in the 80′s, he specialized in design and production of machines and plants for the extrusion, in a few years the company consolidated itself becoming one of the main European players.

The key to FAP’s success is based on pillars such as: quality, flexibility, competitiveness, innovation, attention to Customer’s needs; today as yesterday I and my brother Francesco continue to preserve these pillars because we believe they are the basis of our success.

How was 2020 for FAP?

It has been a difficult year as I think for everyone, we have slowed down some projects, however we plan to close 2020 with a turnover in line with previous years.

The crisis touched us towards March last year but we have always honored all payments, salaries have always been paid, we cannot complain.

What are your prospects for the future?

We have foreseen important investments for the next three years. Market needs are constantly changing and we must be ready.

We will propose news in the technological field, we are investing in a new production site, we have recently rebranded our logo, updated the website, we are excited and ready to face all the challenges that will arise.

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