Luigi Poli In memory of our founder

12 January 2023

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Three years ago exactly Luigi Poli, the founder and father of FAP, passed away.

He was always passionate about his creation, his machines, cared for and controlled down to the last detail. He was always present with customers during the start-up of the lines because he considered them as his own children whom he accompanied on the greatest adventures to conquer the world's markets.

From the 1980s, he was able to lead FAP from the production of simple packaging machines to complete production lines for expanded film and turnkey factories.

His memory is always alive, in the passion and dedication that his sons Francesco and Fabrizio Poli and the entire FAP team put into their work every day, but also…

"No one dies on earth as long as he lives in the hearts of those who remain".


Dear Customers,

More than 25 years have passed since I started building plastic processing machines. In this long period of time, FAP has gained such experience that have been able to complete the range of our industrial plants and offer our customers an important technical and commercial support, with a very high level of customization.

Our creations cross national and European borders, but our production facility is still located in Brianza, one of the most important industial areas in Italy. This is where FAP's production heart beats, and it is here, with the help of my two sons Fabrizio and Francesco, that we will continue to make our desire to do OUR JOB WELL available to our customers, old and new.

Luigi Poli

Grazie Gigi! Vivrai eternamente nei nostri cuori!

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