Precutting machine or vertical punching - tear-off line for light PE foam / expanded filmPDC ** 

The Pre-cutting machine is a separate and complete equipment which intended to make a vertical perforation on light or laminated materials thereby obtaining a tear-off line.

The perforation by PDC ** is a punching of strokes on foam by special blades. In this way the foam can be teared off easily and regularly.  

Materials for pre-cutting: PE Foam, Air Bubble Film, Laminated film


General Technical Data

External Diam. Max
Width of Film Max
Speed Max
Weight of Reel Max
Tear-off Line Distance
(for distance < 250 mm. speed is reduced)

PDC 17

1200 mm
1650 mm
80 m/min
50 Kg
Min. 150 mm – Max. 9000 mm

PDC 21

1200 mm
2050 mm
80 m/min
60 Kg
Min. 150 mm – Max. 9000 mm

Structure of machine:

Preliminary Cutting Group

Precutting machine for light PE and expanded film– Unwinding Structure has a fixed shaft and lateral flanges. One operator can manage all operations of loading and downloading of the reels.

– The main central Preliminary Cutting Group is composed by: *teeth blades on puncher roll, *mechanical regulation of the cut depth, *motorization of roll with blades and contrast-roll.

– Single-axe Winding Machine with manual cutting is used for a special production. On the equipment it is assembled a motorization system to set reels torque. Electrical cabinet assembled on machinery allows being a separated group, to use everywhere it needs.