Automatic & Semi-automatic winding machines


FAP offers a wide range of winders to meet all production needs. The range of machines includes:



  • Automatic winders for foam materials with transversal cutting of various thicknesses
  • Automatic winders for air bubble films
  • Automatic winders for small rolls (without cardboard core)


  • Winders with manual cutting of the material
  • Winders for high thickness foam material

During the winding of coils, the tension between spires is controlled and constant, facilitating the post-expansion process of the gas.

Light material

PE / PP foam / air bubble film

Heavy material

laminated film

Film width

from 2350 to 2650mm

Max weight of roll


Max mechanical speed

170 m/min

Optional units can be added to the automatic winding process:

  • the system to glue cardboard core
  • the longitudinal cutting and pre-cutting units
  • the automatic trolley to load cardboard cores and unload material

Rewinding machine

The rewinding machine unwinds the folded HDPE / LDPE film from one reel, then unfolds it and winds it into another reel.

Unfolded film width

from 2500 to 3000mm

Max. mechanical speed

100 m/min

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