New launch VELA by FAP 2023: We’re growing up!

3 January 2023

We are delighted to announce that VELA is joining our FAP family!

We are officially introducing VELA technology & machinery! The new brand was born from the union of our passions and experience. This fusion will allow us to approach the market with the extension of technical solutions, which are extremely versatile machines for the packaging sector:

Cutting machines
for the production of sheets in bubble film and foam sheets from rolls. The versatility allows it to perform a wide, processing different sizes materials. No damage of the material.
Welding machines
for the automatic production of different size of bags in bubble film and foam. It features a stacking system that does not damage the material.
the preparation of rolls, transform a plain material into two half-tubes with mechanism of folding: high quality and a large batch production of bags.

The new fresh look in modern and elegant key that continues to tell about a long history of success and great experience of family owned business.


So soon we will add all new solutions to our website under the new FAP VELA logo.

The new cutting machine will make its debut very soon, NEW LAUNCH 2023. Already at the beginning of 2023 we will launch the new FlexCut16.

The FlexCut16 is designed for the production of bubble wrap and foam sheets from rolls.
Its versatility allows it to perform a wide variety of functions, processing different sizes, thicknesses and materials in both bubble wrap & foam. It features a stacking system that does not damage the material.
✔ Fully automatic
✔ High production capacity
✔ High quality of the finished product
✔ User-friendly operation


FAP team is ready to provide technical and commercial support to all company's existing customer!

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