cutting and welding machine for PE foam bag and format makingFAP is a designer, engineer and manufacturer of innovative Cutting Machinery and Cutting / Welding Machinery for small, medium and large productions. The main construction parameters of these machines have been specifically selected to provide superior versatility for the purpose to produce a range of different final products that have the vast utilization in packaging and building markets.

cutter and welder of PE foam sheet for plastic foam materialsThe control systems of the machines assure very high productivity and quality of production. Each machine has the different technical characteristics (speed of line, max. width of material, max. production capacity of sheets/bags) suitable for various requests.
Plastic materials for cutting and welding: foam, bubble film, laminated film.

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The production capacity varies in function of different factors:

* length of single format,
* material elasticity,
* number of layers of film to cut,
* type of material,
* time of reel change,
* packaging of the finished products.

 cutter for high thickness PE foam formats and plates PE foam bags for packaging and insulation industry
The result of the production is a perfect cutting and welding of the materials.

cutter for PE bag making cutting machinerySTRUCTURE:
– Unwinder Group;
– Cutting or/and Welding Group;
– Material Collector (needles/pliers);
– Deposit Conveyor;
– Result: Finish Single Formats and / or Bags.

precutting machine for light PE and PP foam and expanded filmThe main advantages of FAP Cutting and Welding Machine:

* The best innovative technologies on the market,
The high quality equipment,
The production of vast range of cut and welded plastic materials,
Wide application of formats, plates and welded bags in various industries,
Electrical power saving  during the production processes,
One operator can eventually control two machines.

  • Cutting & Welding machine for bag/format making