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The concept of non-waste production of foam by FAP and guarantee of success.

The best technology.

Companies equipped with modern twin-screw extrusion lines of FAP successfully produce high-quality foamed products of various types, which are absolutely out of competition in comparison with market analogue.

The factories – FAP’s clients – produce and transform (depending on the final production) insulating and packaging materials based on non-cross linked polypropylene and polyethylene foam. One line is capable to produce both types (PE/PP) of material. A wide range of finished products is developed by each enterprise individually after a careful market analysis of supply and demand.

The concept of non-waste production.

FAP provides its customers with modern, environmentally friendly and non-waste production equipment. Besides the custom-made extrusion lines, FAP has the ability to supply modern recycling systems for various production scales.

Thanks to equipment of last generate and continuous production by a fully automated control system, the natural raw materials are used in the most rational way, the use of energy is optimized with minimal damage to the environment and complex waste processing is carried out.

The development and support of non-waste production plays an important role in the modern world. Even in 1885, according to the ideas of Mendeleev, the measure of the perfection of production is the quantity of waste. The concept of non-waste production should not be taken absolutely measure, as it would be erroneous to believe that a production can be completely without waste. The concept of non-waste production: the inevitable impact on the environment does not violate its normal functioning.

Other advantages of FAP’s machine production.

Under the accurate guidance of FAP, clients’s companies are equipped with the most advanced production machines (extruders with extrusion heads for different thicknesses and pipes, laminating machines, welding machines and cutting machines for foam and bubble film) that make a wide range of finished products of polypropylene and polyethylene (PE/PP) foam: reels, sheets, formats, pipes, bags, rugs, etc.

Know-how! FAP guarantees its customers the most valuable information: specific knowledge of production processes for the successful operation and production, moreover a quality and fast after-sales technical support.

Application fields of produced foams: construction (one of the largest industries), packaging (packages and rolls of thin foam, various formats of big thickness multilayer foam), automotive industry, transport isolation, etc.

Clients FAP are successful producers of foam materials and conclude contracts for the supply of their products with such networks as Leroy Merlin, IKEA, OBI, such companies as Samsung, LG Electronics, Magna, the largest local construction companies, etc all over the world.