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20160415_113431111FAP presents special extrusion lines for production of non-cross linked polyethylene PE foam of very high density and thickness.

This innovative extruders produce materials with “direct gazing” technology by physical expansion and have the best technical characteristics in the market of foam materials.

img_2697img_2734Densities vary from 35 to 100 kg/m3.
Thicknesses vary from 50 to 90 mm.
The choice depends on the production goals.

arton13420160415_112703111The main field application is packaging of products for various industries (electronic devices, computers, medical products, particular fragile products and other). The special formats made by base material are able to protect fragile products from shocks and vibrations during the transportation or storage.

img_2717img_2707The produced base material is cut with special cutting tools, so the producer can create different forms and formats of PE foam for requests of his clients (custom-made formats). 
A producer designs and develops customized package adapted to diverse forms of products with the aim to store and transport them with minimal risk.

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