Lamination Line Production: Finished Products

Production Result:
– Expanded Polyethylene (PE) / Polypropylene (PP) or bubble film laminated with other plastic materials (LDPE, HDPE, PP, metallized film, paper + LDPE, aluminum + LDPE, PP non-woven, polyster + LPDE );
– Multilayer Expanded PE film.

Basic range of applications

LDPE foam laminated with aluminium foil lamination off-lineLaminated PE Foam:
– Building: reflective insulation for walls, floors and roofs, vibronoise-, sound insulation; isolation of technological equipment of different industries,
– Packaging: ammunition, navigation devices.

expanded polypropylene LDPP film laminated with aluminium foilLaminated PP Foam:
– Building: reflective high-temperature insulation, heat-insulation, water-, vapour sealing, vibronoise insulation,

– Automotive: car interior insulation,
– Thermoforming: medical, sport industries.

multilayer high thickness foam LDPE polyethyleneMultilayer PE Foam:
– Building: basement heat insulation, waterproofing; sound insulation of interior walls; heat-, water, sound insulation of the roof,

– Packaging (transformed a multilayer material in the required formats for packaging): computer equipment, household / electronics appliances, etc.