Cutting and Welding Machinery Production: Finished Products

machinery for multilayer foam polyethylene LDPE of low density and high thicknessProduction Result:

– Expanded PE: single formats of different thickness/single multilayer formats of high thickness;

– Bubble film bags of different dimensions: bubble film with bubble film/PE Foam/Paper/Alluminium/PET Metal/HDPE film;

– Expanded PE bags of different dimensions: PE foam with PE foam/LDPE/ aluminum/paper/HDPE film/PET Metal;

– Light Expanded Film in reel with tear-off line;

– Three-dimensional angular protection formats of PE foam.

Basic range of applications

Protective shock-absorbing packaging: electrical engineering, household appliances, furniture, doors, cupboards, glassware, various car’s parts, etc. Expanded PE film is perfect to protect smooth surfaces from scratches during transportation and storage.
Building: heat-insulation, water-, vapour sealing, soundproofing. 

expanded polyethylene LDPE bag production sealing packaging industryLDPE profilo di protezione angolare