Extrusion Lines for production of expanded polymers

Founder and President with sons-successors, K2004

was established by Luigi Poli in the heart of the famous industrial North-Italian area Brianza. In 1987 combining his audacious spirit with excellent knowledge, technical skills and practical experience, Poli began to create his first machines and industrial lines designed to operate in the field of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Extrusion.

“The name FAP stands for innovations and reliable solutions, aiming to make the business of clients profitable and prosperous.”

Luigi Poli, CEO & President

FAP Extrusion Lines for expanded film PE PP

History of great FAP

Focusing mainly on quality and reliability, Poli was a real pioneer in Italy during the 80′s, specializing in building machines and industrial lines for the extrusion process and various further transformations of expanded plastic materials like Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

The principal aim of the company has been the construction of high level Extrusion Lines for the light expanded film production and also the development of Winding, Laminating and others Converting Machinery for PE-PP foam & Bubble film.

Following the entrepreneurial concept of perfection, innovation and research FAP has gained trust and approval of its customers all over the world, who have been successfully implementing FAP machines in their plants: Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Canada, Tunisia, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA.




Due to long-term experience of Luigi in this field and to the collaboration with his two sons, FAP has successfully managed to create a large range of machines permanently up-dated to the latest technical requests on the market all over the world.
FAP specializes in design, research and manufacturing the most innovative Extrusion Lines for making high quality Expanded PE/PP, complete automatic Machines for perfect Winding of material in reels, Laminators On-Line / Off-Line / Multilayer Foam, Bag and Format Making Machinery.

has 30 years of leadership on the market thanks to an excellent performance-price ratio.
FAP has always designed and developed machines to meet the customers’ special needs and high expectations, to foresee all challenges and difficulties that might occur during the production, aiming to find out fast and the best solutions, focusing on maximum profit from the investment.