The optional equipment to complete the automatic cycle of the winding processes:

Longitudinal cut group TGL** used to cut the edges, making the material perfectly flat, or to cut in stripes the materials, using different number of pneumatic knives;

Automatic core glue system. Hot melt system used to make the pre-gluing on the cartoon core;

Trolley for automatic cycle roll loading and unloading. This system can be added to automatic winding machines to complete the automatic cycle;

carton coreCarton cores cutting system. A special system of blades to cut the cores;

Pre-Cutting PDC ** is used to make tear-off line on the light foam materials by vertical punching (pre-cutting) https://fapitaly.com/pre-cutting-machine/;

Shredder of the edges;

Labelling machine this part applies the labels on the reel.