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New cut corner machinery

cutter cornerFAP presents the NEW MACHINERY for PACKAGING INDUSTRY.

CUT CORNER MACHINERY, designed and constructed by FAP, is the best high quality equipment existing in the market.

Cut Corner Machinery produces a three-dimensional corner form of different dimensions from a long expanded foam profile tube. 

Minimal and maximal diameters of corner profile are 40 and 120 mm, respectively.
The machine normally produces 1800 pieces/hour.
Utilization of the final product: Three-dimensional corner serves in any production sector, where it is necessary to protect the angular surface from external impact, squeezing, scratches and other accidental damages during transportation.
Examples: Protection of finished furniture or its parts; Protection of doors, cupboards; Protection angles’ of paintings and picture frames; Use of corner on the furniture’s angel to protect children; Protection of household appliances during the transportation, etc.