laminating machine / laminator for foam, expanded film PE e PP sheet

Laminating Machinery Off-Line is a separate complete line that is designed to laminate in perfect mode more types of different materials.*

Model #1

Materials for lamination:
Laminating system with continual process of laminating materials PE e PPBasic Material: PE/PP Foam; Air Bubble Films

Laminating Materials: LDPE; HDPE; PP; LDPP Aluminized;
Paper + LDPE; Aluminum + LDPE; Non-woven.

Laminating process: The Laminator is indicated to couple flexible foam or air bubble film with other laminating materials using both systems: hot air and hot roll. This innovative equipment allows to couple in a perfect uniform mode a lot of kinds of plastic materials thanks to the combination of two laminating systems.

Model #2

laminator with accumulating system for nonstop production / lamination of expanded film PE e PPMaterials for lamination:
Basic Material: PE/PP Foam; Air Bubble Film.

Laminating Materials: LDPE; HDPE; PP; Paper + LDPE; Aluminum + LDPE.

Laminating process: The Laminator is indicated for special productions to couple perfectly flexible foam or bubble film with other cover materials using hot air system. The hot air system blows hot air in continuous mode on the surface of both materials, welding them uniformly.

Max. production speed ACLA **S / ACLA **: 80 m/min

Standard machines   Film width
ACLA 13 S /ACLA 13 
ACLA 17 S /ACLA 17
ACLA 22 S /ACLA 22
1250 mm
1650 mm
2050 mm 

*See Laminators  for main characteristics and advantages of machines