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IMG_2290The interview with Luigi Poli for Il Giorno

Systems of industrial design

Luigi Poli, the owner of the FAP, tells how to optimize the costs of industrial production. Analyzing the important factors and designing of machines that provide the best performance.

Always the company’s success depends on the ability to learn the equipment, weighing the investment and operating costs. Today the manufacturing industry meets various difficulties that can be minimized at an early stage of the design and during the selection of equipment for the project, analyzing a number of factors. Among them, simplicity of design and operation, reliability, maintenance, energy savings.

These factors ensure full control at all stages of production, where the decisive control is particularly important, where the work is carried out with a limited margin, and it is need to save expenses to get the profit.

Designing and construction of machines extruders at homeApproves Luigi Poli, owner of FAP: “In the first place is always the idea of construction of the machines considering the difficulties facing those who will exploit them. It has always been our top priority, both in planning stage and in implementation of the projects“.

Luca Cavera (Il Giorno)