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New generation motor for innovative extrusion lines

New generation motor for innovative extrusion lines

FAP installs on its extruders new generation synchronous motor with reluctance. We present some advantages of their use on extrusion lines in production:

Excellent energy efficiency and cutting of production costs;

Ease of use and high productivity;

Easy installation, start-up process, maintenance and excellent handling;

– Savings in motor-drive package life cycle costs. Real savings are achieved through coherent systems. The system consists of a high efficiency motor and drive that are leading in the classification;

– The perfect combination of simplicity and efficiency: The core idea of a synchronous reluctance motor is that the rotor has no windings or magnets, just electric steel plates stacked together to form a rotor package. The rotor does not have an induced current and hence no losses; 

Wide speed range: precise process control of motor and drive provides very accurate speed and torque over the whole speed range, which improves the process efficiency;  

Noiselessness: this motors run more quietly than induction ones;

High reliability due to low winding and bearing temperatures;

– The high-power motor drive reduces the weight and motor size of machine;

– Higher quality of the final product, less waste and rejects;

– This motor can replace common asynchronous motors, same power and size combinations.

The new generation motor is an ideal solution for modernization and increasing efficiency of production with reducing the payback time of investments.