Semi-automatic winders for expanded PE PP filmcomand panel for automatic and semi-automatic winding machineryThe semi-automatic winder for flexible expanded film is a machine that has been built to wind the films produced by extrusion lines or after material’s converting processes, using manual cutting at the end of the winding process.

special winding process for expanded materialsPossible materials to wind: LDPE-LDPP foam, laminated materials.
Maximal external diameter of roll: 1200 mm.

AV ** m (single axle)
Single-axe winding machine is used for a special production of laminated and converted materials with manual cutting.

AV **.2 m (two axle)
Two-axle winding machine with clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation and the manual cut of the film after the winding. This equipment is apt for a continuous production of light and heavy laminated materials.

Special model Semi-Automatic Winding Machinery for Big Thicknesses

AV ** m / AV **.2 m  17 m 22 m 27 m 17.2 m
Width film, mm 1650 2100 2600 1650
Max. weight of reel, kg 50 60 60 50
Max. mechanical speed, m/min 80 80 80 80