Polypropylene PP expanded film wound in reelBasic properties:

* High-performance and technological:
   heat-insulation, water-, vapour sealing, vibronoise insulation,
* Universal, practical, durable retaining the physicochemical properties,
* Has a wide temperature range – from -50 to +130 ° C,
* Environmentally friendly, safe,
* Does not emit toxins, does not cause allergic reactions,
* It has a low thermal conduction,
* Resistant to rotting and corrosion,
* Easy to use in any field of application,
* Perfect thermoshaping for vary applications,
* Stand continuous load.

PP laminated:
* Reflective high-temperature insulation,

* Increase heat emission from the floor,
* Reduce the time of the floor heating (system ‘heat-insulated floor’).

Basic range of applications (without lamination):
Building: heat-insulation, water-, vapour sealing, vibronoise insulation,
Transport: heat, noise insulation of transport equipment,
Thermoforming: food, medical, sport, automotive industries, etc.