Extrusion Lines’ Production: Polyethylene Foam

Basic properties:

* High-performance and technological: heat insulation, water-, soundproofing, vapour sealing,
* Universal, practical, durable retaining the physicochemical properties,
* Environmentally friendly, safe,
* Does not emit toxins, does not cause allergic reactions,
* Has a wide temperature range: from -50 to +80 ° C (without mechanical load to +100 ° C),
* Resistant to rotting and corrosion,
* Easy to use in any field of application.

* Elastic, flexible, economical (does not require additional insulation),

* Practical during the assembling,
* Eliminate excess moisture from constructions (base: ribbed expanded PE).

* Rugged: withstands repeated mechanical and shock loads,

* Hygienic safety – it is allowed contact with food (only virgin material without  previous recycle).

PE laminated:
* Reflective insulation.

Basic range of applications (without lamination):
Building: heat insulation, water-, soundproofing, vapour sealing,
Packaging: packaging material for various industries,
Light industry: the goods for sport and recreation, orthopedic products.