extrusion line with high precision gravimetric system

Twin-screw custom-made extrusion line with high precision gravimetric system


FAP designs and manufactures EXTRUSION LINES using the most innovative technologies, obtaining the high quality foam – the Best in the Market.

Twin-screw extruder for homogeneous mixing and production of foam PE PP

Production process

The extrusion lines produce polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) expanded foamed by iso-butane and or normal butane gas, 100% recyclable at the  lowest density that can be used in all production fields where it is necessary to insulate, package, protect (for example in building, electronic, mechanical, automotive, food industries).  

extrusion process with direct gas injection

Extruder’s body

Extruders are fully automatic and divided in more zones to control temperatures and pressures levels, equipped with dosing units that ensure a supply of the raw materials with high precision. 
Accurate studies and researches on construction and implementation of the electrical equipment has led to a remarkable power saving method and thus to lower production costs.

The extrusion lines are designed to work 24h a day and therefore built with high quality materials which are treated for long-life use reducing at minimum the maintenance. The process of extrusion by Direct Gas Injection (iso-butane / butane standard) transforms plastic granules (PE-PP) in foam of different thicknesses and densities.

The large range of extruders constructed by Fap allows to satisfy all market production needs:
EXT 314 – 452 – 565 – 753 – 942 – 1256

automatic winders for expanded materials and bubble films

Automatic winders for expanded materials

The twin-screw technology and the special shape of screws allows to obtain the homogeneous mixing of the melt and the better control during the mixing process.
The product comes out from the extruder as a tubular film, consequently to be cut longitudinally for its expansion and cooling on the supporting system and than be winded in reels. FAP has studied a specific winding system that allows obtaining a controlled and constant tension between the spirals of the roll maintaining enough spaces to stabilize the material during post-expansion.

FAP offers:

extruder high productivity foam pe pp

High productivity extruder

Complete automatic machines: extrusion lines, high pressure pump with systems for gas management, high-precision gravimetric dosers units, equipment for the treatment of the film from extrusion till the winder, automatic winders, machinery for foam converting.

Know-howthe specific advanced knowledge of all production processes and post-sale assistance.

Extrusion and mixing processes for expanded polymers production, safe and security during the work

Extruder’s body with safe protections

The main advantages of FAP Extrusion Lines:
+ Authentic high quality equipment construction by Italian engineers,
+ The best technologies and innovation on the market,
+ Equipment longevity,

+ Best quality of the final product,
+ Best production cost of the final material,
+ Reliability & competitive capacity growth of client’s business,
+ Electrical power saving  during all production processes.

laminating machinery for pe pp foam with material accumulator

Converting machinery for foam lamination & cutting processes

Machinery to complete the production:

+ Extusion heads for tubes/pipes;
+ Laminating lines On-line / Off-line /”Multilayer Foam”;
+ Bag and format making machinery (cutters & welders);
+ Pre-cutting machine for foam;
+ Cutter for angular format;
+ Rewinder for film;
+ Fold and weld corner machine.