Manufacturer                 FAP Srl-Italy

Year of Construction    1995

Delivery Terms             6 months

FAP offers a complete extrusion line for production of “LDPE – PP expanded” film of normal thickness foam. 

Extrusion Line General Description:
* High-accuracy Dosers Units
* Extruder EXT.NRM:
Single Screw Extruder with capacity 150kg/h

Temperature and Pressure control
Electric equipment for automatic and manual control
Automatic change-filter
Fluid Temperature Control Unit
* Extrusion Head
for Normal Thickness 0,8-5 mm
* Calibration Units
* Automatic Winder:
Model AVV 22.2 LW
* High Pressure Gas Unit:Gas Pump; Automatic control system of gas dosage with Massico control.
* Laminator on-line, Model ACC 22

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