Manufacturer FAP Srl – Italy
Year of Construction  2017
Delivery Terms  November 2017             
Status New

FAP offers for sale a new automatic cutting and welding machine SLA 16 W to convert plastic materials in bags and formats of different size.

Plastic materials for cutting and welding:
PE foam, bubble film, laminated film.

Speed   Width  Auto.
Example of Production:
Format 50×50
Example of Production:
Bag 50×50
100 m/min  1650 mm  900 mm  10000 mm  25000 nr./h  4000 nr./h

* Unwinder, * Cutting and welding unit, * Material collector, * Deposit conveyor.

Machinery SLA16W  is composed by a nip rubberized roll and a double transversal welding bar where in the middle is assembled the toothed blade. The welding temperature, time and pressure can be adjusted from the control panel. A system with needles (material collector) is used to collect the bags or sheets on extraction belts. Deposit conveyor (extraction belt) moves the produced formats from the machine to the collection table, allowing to the operator to pick up all piles of material thereby preparing the place for arrival of new ones. A photoelectric cell reads the length of the package and automatically deposits it on the conveyor, next to the previous one, regardless of its length.

The following components can be included in or excluded, on the control panel, from the operating cycle: 
welding bars, cutting blade, material collector, movement of deposit conveyor which unloads finished products.

 Production can be settled between:
Single formats /Bags in packets – automatic collection on the conveyor,

* Single formats/Bags in large sizes – manual collection.