Machine cutter corner angular formats in PE foam very resistant for packaging

FAP designs and constructs new high quality Cutting Machinery that produces very accurate Angular Protection Formats of different LDPE polyethylene profile of angular protection cutterdimensions.

The machine in automatic mode cut the long tube of expanded film with special blades, obtaining determinate number of three – dimensional angular protection formats.

Cutter for automatic cutting of angular protection formats of polyethylene foamTechnical Data:
Normal machine productivity: 1800 pieces/hour

Diameters min. – max. of corner profile: 40 – 150 mm
Maximal cut length: 100 mm

 Profiles properties:
* Flexibility. Formats can be used for the packaging of products with complex geometry;
* Moisture resistance.
* Strength. Format withstands repeated mechanical and shock loads during storage or transportation.
* Aesthetics of the packaged product. Format imparts a presentable appearance to packaged products.

 Utilization of the final product:

Three-dimensional angular format serves in any production sector, where it is necessary to protect the angular surface from external impact, squeezing, scratches and other accidental damages during transportation.

Polyethylene foam corner or angular formats production for packaging industryExamples:

– Protection of finished furniture or its parts;
– Protection of doors, cupboards;
– Protection angles’ of paintings and picture frames;
– Use of corner on the furniture’s angel to protect children;
– Protection of household appliances during the transportation, etc.

The main advantages of FAP Cutter for Angular Format:

* The high quality equipment,
* The best quality of the final product,
* The best innovation technologies and approach,
* Electrical power saving during the production process,
* Wide application of Corner Profiles in packaging industry.