Revolutionary extrusion of expanded film

The extrusion lines designed and built by FAP in the last years have revolutionized the production process of PE and PP expanded film.

Following continuous perfection, research and innovation, FAP has gained trust and approval by its customers that continue to rely on a collaborative relationship with a manufacturer with 30 years of global experience in the industry. The new machines can produce materials with characteristics of quality and density absolutely better than traditional ones presented on the market today.

The range of FAP extruders ensures productions from 140 to 1200 kg/h and density from 16 kg/m3 to 200 kg/m3.

The materials produced with these systems are 100% recyclable; technologies and production processes are sensible to atmospheric pollution, do not causing problems to ozone and minimize industrial wastes.

In addition to the extrusion lines and converting machineries for expanded film manufactured with advanced technologies, FAP offers to its customers the know-how: the specific knowledge of the whole production and converting processes of the foam, the result of many years of experience acquired directly at manufacturing sites.

A machinery designed and developed according FAP experience is a synonym of profitability and longevity of investment.

Thanks to an accurate technical research and development of the construction’s components, FAP has successfully optimized the production processes and the operation of machines as well as has improved density and homogeneity of expanded film material. Today its extrusion lines are able to guarantee excellent performance and economic results.

The perfection of the mixing processes of PE/PP with gas and the utilization of energy-saving equipment have allowed to reduce  production costs significantly and to achieve great improvements in terms of used energy and quantity of the treated product (Kw/Kg). These improvements result in an increase of the average revenue and of the products’ quality. Despite the difficult market situation and the continuous challenges to face, FAP has never ceased to focus on technological development and machine quality. Moreover, the company has founded an Internal Research Centre with the aim of developing new technologies and innovative solutions in the construction of machines for expanded films, studying new application fields for products with different densities and thicknesses.

new generation extrusion line for expanded film production PE PP

New Generation Extrusion Line

The continuous work of experts on innovation and improvements allows FAP’s clients to obtain a new generation expanded film, innovative and unique product in its structure.